Division Retrieval Teams

The Division Retrieval Teams are functioning as a sort of mage police force and called in when Dark Mages or Dwellers become a threat to others by abusing their magic.

Retrieval teams are categorized into two groups - letter and number teams.

The Teams are stationed all over the world and consist of three to five members, one of them always a White Mage.


Division Retrieval Team D

Division Retriever Team D

Team D is stationed at the Divison Academy in Scotland and consists of five members:

Edward Drake, usually just called "Drake" by his fellow team members, is a Dweller and experienced team leader.

Frank is a Dark Mage and the oldest member of the team. He played a vital role in many successful retrievals.

Duon is a Dweller and one of the top Retrievers of the Division.  He's splitting his time between the team, lecturing at the Academy and working with Mage Elder Seth Caelen.

Note: The members of Team D are hand-picked by Drake.

Tim is the White Mage of the team. He's the youngest of the five, but what he lacks in experience, he makes up in talent, skill and an amazing instinc when it comes to magic.

Fan He is the latest addition to Team D; she came with glowing recommendations but still has to earn her place.